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28 March 2007 @ 10:45 am
Across the endless clay leviathan that once was called Atlantic. Down the crumbling crags of the forgotten cairn called Himalaya. Across the sticky black horizon of Liberia lies New Settlement. The dry and desolate memory of civilization dotted with the ruins of our ancestors. Enormous steel and stone structures that block the sun so that nothing but dust can gather on it's concrete meadows. A series of thatched roofs and canvas at the feet of each cluster of monoliths separate the few who remain from the elements of nature. near the cliffs of New Settlement an ancient homage to the giants our fore fathers worshiped as gods still stands in the form of a woman, a symbol of benevolence who smirks down on the dying populace as if to say "You too shall fall." At the heart of New Settlement is the last spec of verdant plantation within miles. A lush green stretch of land freckled with trees and lined with concrete streams. A shallow valley at it's center provides the affluent citizens who populate this area with fresh drinking water whenever it rains. It has not rained for weeks and the wealthy are as weak and wilted as the sad crops of wheat, grain, and sarsaparilla that grow in the mysterious steel cages that line the eastern side of the green. As weak as the less fortunate majority of New Settlement. What separates the two halves of man? Something new has been added. A structure as steely and strong as anything those before us would have constructed. Divinity 12, a construct so ingeniously built that the mere sight of it conjures up notions of extra terrestrial assistance. With it's shape, a square base and four sloping triangles making up it's sides, Divinity 12 has no roof. This was developed to protect the structure and it's inhabitants from the frequent, violent, and unpredictable hail storms that plague the people of New Settlement. As well as being sound in design and a delight to behold, it is also fully functional internally. At it's ground floor a botanical garden grown from the waste of the citizens of New Settlement. However, the second floor, which perpetuates the basement floor, was the crowning achievement. For on the second floor of Divinity 12 was the research and development labs were leagues of the best and brightest worked tirelessly in development of a fully functioning ecosystem that would one day make up the basement floor. With plant life and live stock. Fiber optic high speed televised information at the finger tips of the lowliest man, woman and child. Domed dwellings equipped with kitchen amenities; plumbing and filtration system utilizing the inhabitants waste for drinking water, animal feed and fertilizer; and constant high definition digital monitoring system to make sure every one was clean and happy. The idea was to create a Utopian society free from the debauchery and lawlessness that had ultimately been the old worlds decline. Yes, the Divinity 12 had far surpassed the design and concept of the past 11 divinity projects. A true symbol of the hubris of man. One man in particular, Yahweh Celest: the creator and instigator of the Divinity project, was feeling particularly self satisfied as he gazed from the top-est peak of the Divinity 12. The point, where his sweet was located so that he may look down from his creation upon the multitudes that were ultimately under his guidance. He smirked as a crowd began to gather at the judgment green where a local merchant was to be stoned to death for reasons not yet determined.

"Worse than swine, the lot of them." Mused Celest, a man tall and striking in stature. He wore a beard like the rest of the male population but his was clean, coal black, well quaffed and had the texture of thick corn silk. His family had been the last of the brown skinned people who had once densely populated areas of the old world but were now limited to a sparse few seen as enlightened, closer to a perfect pureness.
"What is he said to have done?" Celest quipped to his assistant, a young fair skinned man whom had been with Celest since the rise and fall of Divinity 5.
"Hard to say the real reason sir. On paper it appears to be a simple act of spitting in a public place but more than likely his death is to serve as some sort of boost in moral. Everybody loves a good stoning sir."
"Come now Mr. Ahmed, we're not savages. Between you and me the reasons for a public execution is no more for their amusement than it is for ours."
The crowds at the foot of the Divinity 12 began to froth and feed on the energy of the doomed man. Writhing and moaning. Twisting their bodies like that of someone in the throws of orgasm. they began stabbing his sides with sticks and sharp wire until the waters of life began to drip from his body. As it did they dipped their fingers in the holes they had made, fingering the wounds, rubbing the mans essence on their organs so that the closest mouths could lick and suck it off. Some simply inserted them selves into the larger holes causing the man to let out a guttural moan that could no more be distinguished as agonized than ecstatic.
"No Morris I'm afraid a spectacle like this is good for nothing more than inspiring fear. Fear is the only real motivator. These people may love a good blood letting only for the simple reason that it was not their blood being let."
"They seem to be enjoying themselves."
"Merely the last throws of animal necessity Morris. Since ,in order to control the population, we have made fornication by the lower class punishable by the same fashion, this is their last sexual outlet. As society evolves the animal in man will vanish."
As their bodies gave way to climax each man and woman picked up a palm size lump of igneous stone and in successive unity began to beat every square inch of this offenders body not yet being occupied. When the last stone had been brought down and the mans body had become motionless the crowd lay dazed and exhausted. Quietly they stood and disbanded, Heads hung they returned to their daily lives ashamed of what they had done not just today but the day before and many days to come.